What can we learn from Face2Face A1?

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Vocabulary and Grammar:

Numbers 0-20                 jobs

Positive and Wh-questions

The alphabet                  a and an

Subject pronouns and  possessive adjectives

Numbers 20-100            days of the week       

Negative , yes /no questions and short answers

Things in the classroom

Have got : positive and negative questions and short answers

Countries and nationalities


Personal possesions        plurals

Present Simple

This ,that, these, those     family

Subject and object pronouns

 things in the house          time words

Past Simple-regolar and irregolar verbs

Prepositions of place        adjectives

Can/ can`t; could/couldn`t

Adjective word order and very

There is/there are

Daily routines

How much…? And How many…?

Time phrases with on,in,at,every


Months                              dates

Present Continuous

Frequently adverbs

Present Simple or Present Continuos

Food and drink




Life events


Weekend activities

Questions with like

Adjectives with  very, really, quite, too


Past time phrases

Present Perfect     


Holiday activities

Places in a town

Natural places          

Rooms and things in a house

Animals                           past participles

Shops                            things to buy

Appearance ; character

Clothes                          colours

Health problems


Seasons                 weather

Types of transport

Word building         things and places at  the airpoart 

Travelling verbs and phrases

Big and small numbers

What can we do in the real life?

Introducing yourself; people

Talking on the phone

Classroom instructions

Deciding what to do


Talking about the health

Saying goodbye

At  the airpoart

Telling the time

Saying goodbye

Talking about the time

Asking for and giving directions

Saying prices

Buying tickets at the cinema

Phrases for special days

Talking about  days and dates

Requests and offers

Showing interest

Asking follow-up questions