What can we learn from Face2Face A2?

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Vocabulary and Grammar:

Common phrases

Subject questions

Question words

Past Simple

Work  ; looking for the job

Past Continuous

Questions about the travel

Have to/had to

Past times activities

Present Continuous and Present Simple;activity and state verbs


Will for prediction;might


Be going to

Connection words

Making comparisons:compatives, a lot ,much, a bit,(not)as… as



Tipes of film

Present Continuous for future arrangements

Tipes of music

Present perfect with for and since

Verb and prepositions

Questions with How long

Adjectives and prefixes



First conditional

Things we take on holiday

Too , too much ,too many,(not)enough

Phrases with go

Present Simple passive

Describing your home

Past Simple passive

Going to dinner

Used to

Everyday problems

Present Perfect for giving news with just,yet,already

Verbs often used in the passive

 Ralative  clauses with  who,which,that  and where

Words with some-,any-,no- and every-

Reported speech

Articles:a,an,the,na article

Second  contitional

Clotnes shopping

Collocations: take and get


Guessing meaning from context


Connection words ;first,next,then

What can we do in the real life?

Starting conversations and ending conversations

Questions with What…like?

Finding things in common

Invitations and making arrangements

Apologies ,reasons, and promises

What sales assistants say

Asking for opinions , agreeing and disagreeing

What customers say

Offers, suggestions and requests

Echo questions

Taking phone messages and leaving phone messages

Complaints and requests