What can we learn from Face2Face B2?

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Vocabulary and Grammar

Language ability

Review of the English verb system


Uses of auxilaries

Verb patterns

Present and past habits,repeated actions and states

expressing frequency

Be used to,get used to

Feelings and opinions

Second conditional

Word building: suffixes

Alternatives for if

Crime and punishment collocations

Third conditional

Verbs and prepositions

Narrative verb forms

Phrasal verbs

Past Perfect Continuous

Books and reading

Defining,non-defining and reduced relative clauses

Connecting words: reason and  constrast

Ways of comparing

Ways of exaggerating

Future verb forms

Common adjectives

Future Continuous

Phrasal verbs

Uses of verb+ing

Guessing meaning from context

Modal verbs-levels of certainty about the future

Adjectives for giving opinions

Simple and continuous aspects

Phrases with take

Activity and state verbs

Compound adjectives describing character

PreseContinuousnt Perfect Simple and Present

Back referencing

Wishes:I hope….,;it`s time;should have

State verbs

The passive

Business and trade

As, like, such as, so,such

On the phone

Have/get something done,get someone to do something,do something to yourself

Dealing with money



Describing future events

The cinema

Future Perfect

Entertainment adjectives

Reported speech


Household jobs

Modal verbs : deduction in the present and the past

Adjectives for views and behaviour

Modal verbs:past forms and related verbs

Compound nouns and adjectives

Work collocations

Business collocations

Reporting verbs


Colloqual words/phrases

Vague language expressions


 Keeping a conversation going

Duscussion language: agreeing and disagreeing politely

Making,refusing and accepting offers

Saying you`re surprised or not surprised

Duscussion language:opinions

Polite interrutions

Problems on the phone


Making and responding to suggestions

Adding emphases